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I work with Presidents & CEOs who want to Increase Profits and the Exit Value of their Growing 5-50MM Company

Micah Brandenburg Greenville SC
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Financial Frustrations

Change start with
a conversation.

Strategic Finance that Drives Future Results

Growing companies need more than just accounting. Accounting focuses on the past, but Entrepreneurs focus on the future. The difference in focus is the source of your frustrations.

Strategic Finance, led by an Entrepreneurial CFO partnering with you, enables you to drive the future of your business with confidence -not just account for the past.

Insights from a Fractional CFO help your leaders focus their energy on the right business initiatives, develop strategies to improve your performance, and deliver improved financial results in less time

Change your Financial Future with

3 Steps

01. Profits and Growth Call

  • Learn about the 4 Pillars to Successfully Scaling your Business
  • Identify the One Key Issue that's Holding you Back
  • Decide if the Workshop and Accelerator is a fit for your team

02. Profits and Growth Workshop

  • Collaborative Workshop with your Leadership Team for 2-3 hours
  • Define your Profit Gap, Value Gap, and Growth Gap
  • Quantify your Potential Improvements in 3 hours or less

03. Profits and Growth Accelerator

  • Begin Capturing your Profits and Growth Opportunities over 90 days
  • Build Momentum with Weekly Workshops
  • See Results in Weeks not Months
Micah Brandenburg Greenville SC


I’m Micah Brandenburg.
The past 20 years created the knowledge and tools I now share with clients:

Unlocking Hidden Profits: Stop Leaving Money On The Table and Maximize Your Bottom Line

Profit Potential Playbook

Unlocking Hidden Profits: Stop Leaving Money On The Table and Maximize Your Bottom Line

Struggling with profit margins lagging behind your competitors? Uncertain if you’re leaving profit on the table or not? Download this comprehensive playbook where I share a proven 6-step framework to pinpoint exactly how much missing profit exists in your business.

You'll discover:

  • How to establish accurate profitability benchmarks for your industry
  • Step-by-step methods to quantify any profit gaps in dollar amounts
  • Strategic planning techniques to identify major profit growth initiatives
  • Proven strategies tailored to your situation - whether below, at, or above industry averages

Follow this powerful playbook to diagnose weak spots, strengthen your profits, and reach your true profit potential. Stop leaving money on the table and maximize your bottom line today!

Get the Profit Potential Playbook Now for Free!

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