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The Profit Partners Program

An Exclusive Program that helps you close more business and retain your clients by helping them capture more Profits.


How does the Profit Potential Program Work?



What Our Clients & Partners Are Saying

Micah is a deep strategic thinker who is an expert at understanding what the real priorities of the business should be if you want to unlock more growth. I connected with Micah when my company had 30 employees and our work together enabled us to scale to 50MM in Revenue and 150 people. If you have a chance to work with him, I highly recommend it.

Adam Whiting, ENTRE Institute

Micah has a unique understanding of the visible and invisible pains that we’re all experiencing in business. His perspective is indispensable to our rapidly growing company

Eric Roman, JoyFULL People

I give Micah my highest recommendation. He possesses the very rare ability to identify strategic insights and quickly execute on them.

Dan Rundle, Worthwhile

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Jeff Lerner

ENTRE Institute



I’m Micah Brandenburg. The past 20 years created the knowledge and tools I now share with clients:

Close More Business and Increase Client Retention by Helping them Increase Profits!

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