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Maximize your Profits

with The Profit Potential Program

Are you tired of average financial performance? Want to grow your business AND increase Profits?

The Profit Potential Program is your answer. In just 90 days, this transformative collaboration will help you identify missed profit opportunities, pinpoint what needs to change, and start capturing the profits you want!

Program Highlights


90 Days




We promise to uncover $100,000 in missing profits or we’ll refund your workshop fee.

The Profits and Growth Workshop

The Profit Potential Workshop

The Profits and Growth Accelerator

The Profit Potential Accelerator

The Profits and Growth bonuses

The Profit Potential Bonuses

The Workshop

The Profit Potential Workshop


A Session up to 3 hours in length with your Leadership Team Designed to Identify the Amount and Causes of Unrealized Profits.

During this workshop, we’ll address three crucial questions:

We'll benchmark your company's profitability against industry averages and discern if you are Average, Below Average, or Above Average in your Profit Position. 

We'll quantify in Dollars and Cents, exactly what your opportunity is to increase profits at your current size OR through healthy growth that maintains great margins and unit economics. 

We'll look at our financial analysis, a maturity assessment of your business, and prioritize the top 3 drivers that will increase your profitability.   

By the end of the session, we’ll quantify your opportunities to increase profits in just 3 hours.


We promise to uncover $100,000 in missing profits or we’ll refund your workshop fee.

The Accelerator

The Profit Potential Accelerator


The Accelerator has three aspects that help you Capture more Profits.

  • Each week, we'll introduce you to a powerful Tool in our Framework via that you can watch at any time in our on-demand Training Portal. You'll also complete a homework assignment specific to your company that you can immediately implement that week. 
  • 10 Workshops with your Leadership Team over 90 days: These Interactive Workshops create clarity on what to prioritize to increase profits, how to create systems and strategies, and provide accountability as your team executes so you can capture more profits. See the FAQs for a complete list of Topics we'll cover. 
  • 3 Workshops with your Ownership Team: These Workshops focus on creating clarity in 7 key areas for owners & shareholders. The Clarity we create here ensures that your team is creating a business that aligns with your goals for the future
  • Clarity is Worthless unless you act on it. That's why we focus on Accountability in our Accelerator in 2 ways:
    • Profit Peers: We'll pair you off with one other person at your company to hold you accountable and review your work each week 
    • Profit Champions: Your Company will select one person to help ensure that new habits and systems are being executed on. They'll be responsible for raising any barriers and challenges that your team is experiencing back to us so we can you solve them. 
Free Bonuses

Profit Potential Accelerator - Free Bonuses


Worth of Bonuses

  • Unlimited CFO Support (Asynchronously via Slack and Loom) throughout the month for your key leaders. (Value: $12,000 over 3 months)
  • Finance Training for Non-Finance Leaders. Four High Impact On-Demand Training Modules get everyone speaking the basic language of finance on your team. (Value: $5,000)
  • Access to my Personal Toolkit for Planning, Systems, Finance, and People. (Value: $10,000)
  • Cost Reduction Assessment: Audit and Renegotiate your vendor pricing in 12 key areas without switching vendors. Clients save $100,000 per year on average. (Value $100,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

My job is to first understand or define together your business goals and then help you discern what you need to do to achieve them. Discerning the key drivers of your business and which strategies can change them is some of the highest-value work that any CFO can do with you.

The core changes most businesses need are around People, Planning, and Execution. Those are sometimes finance issues i.e. Fixing Cash Flow problems, pinpointing the source of lower than average profits etc. But they are always driven by business practices.

That's why my focus as a CFO always starts with a forensic analysis of your financials and data, but ultimately leads to sharing the story of your financials with you and your team. Then we move to collaborating on the strategies and changes that will lead to better business results. This methodology increases your Profits, Company Valuation, and Cash Flow.

Since my work is Strategic in nature (What should we do and Why), we'll need to leverage competent hands-on resources in Accounting, Finance, and throughout your business to bring about the change you want.

  1. An Executive level contact who is vested in the success of our engagement with weekly communication and internal influence with your team.
  2. Competent Accounting Resources in place OR the ability to invest as needed. Most companies on their 5-50MM journey have been focused on paying the bills and closing the books monthly in accounting. As we seek to cull better insights to drive business performance that will generate projects and transformation in accounting. We will need a Sr. Level hands-on person to drive any projects we identify. We can bring that resource to the table if you don't already have them on your team or work with your accounting firm.
  3. Data Analysis/Reporting/Modeling is a growing need for all companies at this size. We'll likely have projects or ongoing work that we identify that is high impact and high value for you to invest in. An ability to accomplish this with internal resources or strategically invest your way to better results is needed.
No, we work with your existing accounting team (internal or external) to optimize their work and add strategic finance that increases profits, cash flow, and growth.
Yes, if your current team is not meeting the needs of your business we can either help you transform that relationship OR we have a network of people we can introduce you to.

Prior to the Profit Potential workshop, we identify benchmarks for your company that we compare your current and prior year profit % against. These benchmarks provide initial direction on how you compare to competitors and if there are opportunities to improve.

Preparation and Experience. 

Preparation: Before we lead a workshop we review your recent financial statements, identify benchmarks for profit and valuations, and have your leadership team complete a quick survey to provide insights on the business. 

Experience: I’ve led workshop style sessions for close to 20 years with over 500 companies. We combine that experience with the pre-work, and your team’s boots on the ground knowledge to create high-value insights in a short-period of time.  

I am a Remote-First Fractional CFO. I do work with clients across the US (and sometimes internationally). If a new client is local to the Greenville, SC market (where I live), we can do the Profits Potential Workshop in-person as well as the 1st weekly workshop in the accelerator.

  • Creating a Singular Financial Goal to focus your energy 
  • Drivers, Reporting and Scorecards
  • Written Strategies: How to create a strategy or plan that actually achieves your goals 
  • Goal Setting the Right Way 
  • Creating a Test-Driven Culture: A results focused outlook that creates tests to minimize risk and accelerate results. 
  • Executing on our Strategies and Plans Consistently each day 
  • People Strategies that drive Performance
  • Profit Plays in Revenue
  • Profit Plays in COGS
  • Profit Plays in OPEX
  • A Personal Financial Plan that defines personal goals for the next 12 months and the Future and identifies how the business will contribute to those. 
  • Owner Compensation: Employee Comp vs Shareholder Rewards 
  • Creating a written Distributions Strategy/Policy   
  • Exit Strategy
    • Target Price and Terms
    • Move up the Multiple Range 
    • Financial vs. Strategic Buyers 
    • A Plan for what's next 
  • Operating Agreement 
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Taxation 
    • Tax Plays: R&D Tax Credit, PPP, ERC, EIDL, QSBS  
    • Legal Entity Type 

Yes. In addition to the Core Educational Topics that we work through in our Weekly Workshops, the following is a list of other high-impact video trainings that you can work through at your own pace: 

  • Managerial Finance Training 
    • The 7 key terms 
    • 3 Core Financial Statements
    • Writing a Business Case for the CFO
    • Financial Modeling
  • Cash Flow Optimization
    • Creating our own Bank
    • Working Capital and Cash Forecasting 
  • Structuring and Refinancing Debt 
    • Banks, Private Lenders, Alt Lending, Niche Lender 
  • M&A: Acquisitions for growth 
  • Risk/Compliance 
  • Exit Strategies 
    • Moving up the Multiple Range
    • Financial vs Strategic Buyers 
  • Managing and Leading