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Meet Micah Brandenburg,

Your Growth Partner in Finance

Increasing Profits, Cash Flow, and Growth through my 90 day Profit Potential Program.

Highlights from my

Professional Journey

  • $500MM in Debt/Equity Secured for Growth Companies as a Banker
  • Scaled 3 Businesses from $4MM to $50MM as COO or CFO
  • Inc 5000 CFO 3x, Ranked #199 in 2023
  • Increased Exit Valuations up to 20X
  • Leadership Experience with 30-200 Employees
  • Consulting with over 100 companies on their growth journey

A Different Perspective on

Finance Transformation

Most CFOs have built teams and processes in Accounting, Financial Planning, and Treasury just like I have, but my perspective is broader than the numbers. I’ve built teams in Marketing, Sales, Product, Project Management, and Software Engineering. I’m a student of Business Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy, and Systems that enable consistent execution. These experiences and skills empower me to not only speak to finance, but to collaborate on the business strategies that drive better financial performance.

3 Practices

that Create
Unusual Results



Decision making in business is rarely good vs evil! It’s generally better vs best. Getting clear on your singular financial goal and identifying the true priorities that will make a difference bring clarity to every person in your company. If you’re not saying "NO" to good things, that’s getting in the way of saying"YES" to the best things that will truly move the needle for you.



“We don’t rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems.” -Author James Clear. Once we discern what we should be doing, we must create systems so the right actions can be consistently performed every day, week, month, and quarter. If your financial performance has been inconsistent in the past it’s because you lack consistency via systems.



Do you hold your team accountable to do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it? Many leaders shy away from holding one another accountable for fear they will damage the relationship with a peer. The truth is that high performers want to be held accountable because they like to be on a winning team.